Patterns To Crochet

Amazing Crochet is one of the best crocheting sites I know. The creator, Ning is very gifted in crocheting. Below you will find some of his crochet patterns. Maybe you can take some of his ideas for your next project. If you have any questions regarding Amazing Crochet, please go to the site and contact its owner.

If you love makeing vintage crochet designs and is looking for patterns to crochet, but find that good patterns are hard to find, then Vintage Crochet Collection is a book that has great resources of patterns over 50 years old that you will love. so you can spend all of your time crocheting, not looking for patterns.

4 Easy and Quick Crocheting Ideas


Yea, crocheted flowers can be simple or comlicated. Find free crochet patterns for flowers on any crochet website.  You can use any combination of yarn and crochet hooks when crocheting flowers. Don’ fret if the  flower turn out larger or smaller than the one in the pattern.

Sew a pin on the back to make a brooch. Attach some ribbon, and it’s a gift wrap topper. Sew it onto a bag or a shirt for an embellished touch on a store-bought item. One simple pattern provides multiple gift options.



Motifs are small pieces that you crochet in the round. They could become become doilies or decorations, depending on the type of yarn you use and the way you want to use them.

Crochet a few square motifs and sew them together to make a blanket. Crochet small round motifs using a steel crochet hook and crochet thread, then attach them to earring hooks. Make few more, then chain them together for a matching necklace. Sew motifs onto your bags or pouches or even jeans for a distinctive, finishing touch. Motif patterns are also online at Crochet Pattern Central.

Print Resources

For a free way, you could head to your local library. They often carry modern and vintage crochet books, so there’s something for everyone even if you don’t have access to the computer. Check the book out and try out patterns free. If you know others in your area who crochet, arrange to swap pattern books with one another.


Pattern Websites

You could look here on this site, Amazing Crochet, or even Crochet Pattern Central for a variety of free and easy crochet patterns.




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