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Welcome to Magic Crochet Magazine - my simple and clear information on knitting patterns, threads, needles, and crochet how to books and crochet supplies available for purchase.

Oh yea, by the way, my name is Saytue Saye. I’ve always loved crocheting, it’s quite an intersting hobby and career. I decided to create this website, because of an internet marketing school I attend called Wealthy Affiliate University.

Crochet is definitely one of my lost hobbies. Just so you know, I’m so excited, because I have some great stuff on here that are helpful to anyone and if you are just starting out, I’m learning right wth you, I’ll just post up all the juicy stuff I find:-)


I use to crochet blankets and pillows when I was a little girl, my older sister taught me everything. I’ve always been into arts and craft so, I guess you can say it is natural to find a creative hobby and career such as crocheting interesting.

On here, you will also find free crocheting supplies and materials. Crochet pattern books and, lots of videos intended to help you magically crochet anything you possibly can, whether it’s free or paid.

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If you love makeing vintage crochet designs and is looking for patterns to crochet, but find that good patterns are hard to find, then Vintage Crochet Collection is a book that has great resources of patterns over 50 years old that you will love. so you can spend all of your time crocheting, not looking for patterns.

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